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Groin Sorokin
Groin Sorokin

FULL Windows 98 Second Edition - Portuguese-BR - FULL

I was thinking about trying my hand at making my own Win98 Live DVD. I know someone's going to ask "why DVD" so I'll go ahead and explain. The size of the image/install doesn't matter to me, in fact, I'd rather have the entire system, with as many drivers, updates, tools & applications as possible. I'd prefer to have a full featured system ready to do anything I want whenever I load it up (like KNOPPIX, etc). (I know this would not be a good setup for older systems, but most of my hardware is Pentium 4 Northwood or Prescott ready)

FULL Windows 98 Second Edition - Portuguese-BR - FULL

  • Putin is a WAR CRIMINAL.

  • The default installation mode has been changed to Application. People don't read, so this will hopefully help a little with network access problems.

  • The executing event timeout has been limited to 999999 seconds as maximum to avoud a buffer overflow

  • The mirror operation had problems deleting readonly files and directories. Fixed.

  • Some typos fixed

  • Some minor cosmetic changes

  • Traditional chinese language updated

  • Dutch language updated

  • Czech language updated

  • French language updated

  • Korean language updated

  • The compression engine has been fully rewritten. Attention to this, if you are using compression. Test it.

  • Compressed files can now store long file paths

  • Compressed files can now fully use Volume Shadow Copies

  • Group names are now case insensitive. Group = gRoUp

  • Fixed a bug when starting a group as an event caused by the case of the group

  • Russian language updated

  • French language updated

  • Czech language updated

  • When mailing the log files using the message body, the text used in the settings is now inserted at the beginning of the message

  • Sometimes the total progress of a backup was showing a number > 100% (rightfully so, if a task was added to the queue while a backup was already being processed). Fixed.

  • The groups name are now presented in "camel case"

  • There was a problem with groups case when the list was filtered by a group. Fixed.

  • The "Cancel" button is now always available on the setup program

With very fast backups (

  • Search added to the help file

  • The timer was not working correctly if the minimum time was later than the max time. Fixed

  • When protecting the user interface, opening the UI twice used to show several instances of the password dialog

  • When changing to a full backup the string "Changing the backup type to full. Reason: backup number 0 after the latest full backup" was showing the placeholder 0. Fixed

  • Monthly schedule was not working correctly. Fixed.

  • The confirmation for manual backups is now optional

  • The option to shut down the computer on the confirmation dialog for manual backups is now optional

  • Fixed an exception caused by an installation directory surrounded by quotes.

  • Polish language added

  • Russian language updated

  • French language updated

  • Portuguese-PT language updated

  • Much more responsive user interface while backing up

  • Individual log files operations will now only be registred on the log FILE, not on the UI. This in order to speed up the backup

  • The last line of the task that indicates the elapsed time shows now the task name as well.

  • Backup events can now be parametrized

  • Manual shutdown can now be commanded when starting a backup manually

  • Manual shutdown can now be commanded by using the Action menu

  • When using inclusion lists, the log version was incorrectly set to Verbose. Fixed

  • The seput accepts now paths between quotes

  • "Show hiden files" is not a part for FTP standard. Giving problems with FilZilla server. Its default is now False.

  • A new option added: Always use alternative shutdown method. Can help to shutdown in case of impersonation.

  • Several masks separated by commas can now be entered.

  • As an option, the full path can now be shown in the taskbar for backup operations

  • German language updated

  • Portuguese-PT language updated

  • French language updated

  • Russian language updated

  • Some changes to the FTP and SFTP logic in order to fix some weird problems the initial directory on some servers

  • Parameter %USERPROFILE added

  • The Application and Service Control panel was starting the application in elevated mode. Fixed

  • A new option has been added: Never delete empty directories for full backups

  • French language updated

  • Russian language updated

  • Portuguese-PT language updated

  • Galician language updated

  • The log has a new formatting with empty lines for easy reading

  • The log shows now the number of errors and the time elapsed for every task

  • When mailing the log after a task is completed, the parameter %TASKNAME was not working. Fixed

  • The events Suspend and Hibernate were not executing successfully if the "Prevent sleeping" options was checked. Fixed

  • Mailing after a task didn't include some info about VSC being deleted. Fixed


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