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Blackout Marc Elsberg Pdf Fixed Download

it all began with the work of piero manzano, a former hacker in the past. while he was in his forties, he had started to develop a radio frequency identification (rfid) system that uses smart meters as transponders. he could read the data from all the smart meters he wanted. this system was working just fine a few weeks before the blackout. piero was very happy with his invention and he developed a couple of interfaces for it. one of those interfaces permitted him to tap the power lines and command the smart meters to change their settings. he started with small projects such as turning up or down a certain number of smart meters, and after a while, he opened up his own lab and launched the name of his company, mambiente. mambiente managed to get a lot of contracts, including with the italian postal service to automate package tracking.

blackout marc elsberg pdf download

during the first blackout, piero was horrified to discover that the widespread smart meter was still working. so he went right to the italian power company to warn them about their own failure and see what he could do to help.

the long term goal of all major infrastructures is to rely solely on renewable energy and ensure a resilient system. but this will take a long time, so we have to deal with this issue in the present. elsberg believes that this is also one of the reasons why we have not yet set up a common it infrastructure, and why we still use a lot of different security measures.

in the book, elsberg also touches upon the fact that some attacks are growing in scale and have a more political dimension. in a recent cyber-attack in ukraine, the theft of terabytes of data was not the only goal. they also used the data to show that their political opponent had embezzled state funds, thus influencing the elections. cyber-attacks are also effective weapons of war. in this case, the attacker simply sends out fake emails, claiming that a certain politician is going to be executed.

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